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Life gets easier with Perkaloo

Perkaloo is an easy rewards platform that helps you cut down on your monthly expenses. More money for the things that really matter and access to great new experiences can be all you need to get a little more out of every day.

1.Get a Perkaloo account

Get your boss to create a Perkaloo account. Our aim is to help businesses boost performance and profitability with PERKS that motivate employee engagement, commitment, and loyalty.

2.Start grabbing PERKS

Once you're added as a PERKSTAR, you can log in and start grabbing PERKS. PERKS are chosen to help you save a little more on monthly must-haves, and make great new experiences a little more affordable.

3.Earn your stars

Perkaloo's built-in rating system lets your employer rate your performance. The more stars you have, the more PERKS you'll have access to. So keep doing a great job and enjoy the best PERKS in town.

Free Insurance With Every Account

Every Perkaloo account comes jam-packed with free insurance that can be activated at the click of a button* - no admin, no fuss. All the necessary policy documentation is easily accessible in the Perkaloo member account, and can be accessed instantly in the event of a claim.

Lump Sum in the event of the death resulting from injuries sustained by an accident.


Lump Sum in the event of Permanent or Total Disability resulting from injuries sustained from an accident.


Funeral Cover
(Paid in cash to the member)

Member R10,000
Spouse R10,000
Child aged 14-21 R10,000
Child aged 6-14 R7,000
Child aged less than 6 R5,000
Stillborn R1,000

* An insurance policy is automatically activated for the holder of a USSD account as soon as the account is activated.

OR, Get a Perkaloo Personal Account

Perkaloo Personal accounts have access to every available PERK and benefit.

  • Cut down on monthly expenses and make holidays a little more affordable. Why not reward yourself with a little extra?

  • Easily add your friends, family, and domestic staff to show how much you care.

  • Use the built-in rating system to motivate better academic or domestic performance.

Find Out More


What is a PERKSTAR account?

A PERKSTAR account is an account created by a PERKMASTER (account owner) or PERKBOSS (admin). PERKSTAR accounts can redeem all PERKS available to that account, but cannot add or remove other Perkaloo accounts.

Which PERKS can I redeem?

You can redeem any PERK displayed in your Perkaloo account whenever you want. Remember, many of the PERKS are available for a limited time only – so don’t wait too long before grabbing a PERK you have your eye on.

How long do PERKS remain valid?

Every individual PERK has its own expiry date which will be listed in the PERK details or redeem instructions. The moment a PERK expires, or if all voucher codes for that particular PERK has been exhausted, it will be removed from the system. (So if there’s a PERK you really want, grab it before it’s gone).

How long does my Perkaloo account remain active?

Your Perkaloo account is associated with your company’s business profile, and will remain active as long as the business profile remains active, or until your employer removes your account.

I want to give a PERK to someone else.

Unfortunately PERKS cannot be transferred or exchanged. However, you can always sign up for a Perkaloo Personal account and add a Perkaloo account for each family member, friend, or domestic worker.

More FAQs

PERKSTAR Account types


Enjoy access to every available PERK on the Perkaloo system, or those PERKS that match your rating (ratings need to be activated). The insurance policy for this account has to be activated manually. Policy documents will be available in your profile within three days from policy activation.

This account requires internet access from a computer, smartphone, or other internet-capable device.


The PERKSTAR USSD account has access to a limited number of PERKS. The insurance policy for this account is activated as soon as the account is added, with policy documents available within three days of account activation.

This account does not require an internet connection and can be accessed with any SIM-equipped mobile device.

Try it, just dial *120*7375#

Need a little help?

Perkaloo support is available from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm. Get your questions answered and account assistance by using the LiveChat option, or by calling us on 087 980 7375